Safety Consulting and Training

EH&S Programs

Organizational Environmental Health & Safety Diagnostic (Corporate Audit)

Pacific Safety Solutions conducts comprehensive examinations of an organizational EHS program, policies and procedures (safety systems). The purpose of this examination is to identify deficiencies within organizational safety systems. Once deficiencies have been identified, Pacific Safety Solutions develops and employs innovative programs, which will assist clients in compliance with regulations and standards mandated by governmental agencies, standard organizations, local municipalities and customers.

Field Assessments

A field assessment, also known as a performance report is an integral component of any successful EHS program. Field assessments are comprehensive environmental, health and safety surveys of a job site or a facility. A field assessment will identify deficiencies in safety systems as well as identify unsafe behaviors and unsafe working conditions. It allows for correction, control and elimination of workplace hazards and unsafe behaviors, and provides a method of identifying existing or potential hazards in the workplace. Pacific Safety Solutions conducts onsite field assessments and develops reports, which identify and document deficiencies in safety systems, unsafe behaviors and unsafe working conditions.

Assessments and Audits

Compliance with regulations, standards, local policies and customer requirements often times leads to confusion.  Pacific Safety Solutions assists its clients in navigating these arduous regulations and standards and develops programs, policies and procedures, (safety systems) which assist our clients with compliance.  Safety systems implemented for employees must be innovative and compelling in order to be effective.  At Pacific Safety Solutions we employ original programs and techniques to gain influence over an organization while establishing a healthy safety culture and ensuring compliance.  From comprehensive I2P2 programs to field manuals, Pacific Safety Solutions can assist in the development and implementation of safety systems to positively affect your organization.